Building three gigafactories in India for the green energy value chain: Gautam Adani

New Delhi, September 7 (IANS): Adani Group will build three gigafactories in India leading to one of the most integrated green energy value chains in the world, said Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group.

Speaking at an event where he received the USIBC Global Leadership Award, Adani said this would extend from polysilicon to solar modules, complete wind turbine manufacturing and hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturing.

“As a result, we will generate an additional 45 GW of renewable energy to add to our existing capacity of 20 GW, as well as 3 million tonnes of hydrogen, all of which will be completed before 2030,” Adani said.

This value chain will be entirely indigenous and aligned with the geopolitical needs of our nation. “However, I believe we can further accelerate our goals with the support of American companies that want to work with us,” Adani said.

He said the semiconductor industry is a classic example with more engineers deployed in India than anywhere else in the world, and yet India has no semiconductor factory. India cannot remain dependent on global supply chains based on semiconductor nationalism and will need US support for technology transfer.

Adani said the term de-globalization has gained prominence due to the divisions that have resulted from the pandemic. “We must never allow this to happen again, given the mistrust it creates. Vaccine collaboration between our nations must be high on our list of priorities and must be formalized in a mutually beneficial way,” he said. he added.

Likewise, defense and cybersecurity are two critical areas that the US and India need to work on. Trust comes from collaboration in these areas. India needs support in both areas and at the moment we are only scratching the surface. These are two critical areas where our partnerships need to expand on technology transfer to be able to build mutual trust, Adani said.

He urged the USIBC to facilitate a broader platform that regularly brings together leaders from similar industries from both sides.

There are many gains to be shared with the size of the two economies beginning to converge as 2050 approaches, Adani added.

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