DNF Duel Troubleshooting: Awakening Moves and Skills

The genre of this game is combat and action, which allows you to launch attacks on enemies. Although it seems easy to play, it gets rather difficult as you progress. You will be able to play many characters like Troubleshooter and Crusader in DNF Duel. While you’re at it, consider reading the DNF Duel character tier list.

The recent trailer for this game was announced by Nexon and Arc System Work, in which a new character in DNF Duel will introduce himself. This very character is called the troubleshooter and he is one of the best characters in DNF Duel.

Once you see the trailer you will realize that the game seems heavily influenced by Dungeon Fighter Online, you will also notice that it has some guilty gear traits.

In our guide, you will see the traits, abilities, and attacks of a character newly introduced to the game, called Troubleshooter. Before we go any further, be sure to check out some of the best DNF Duel combos. We have also curated a Grappler in DNF Duel guide for you to check out.

Who is the troubleshooter in DNF Duel

Troubleshooter is a character with a sharp brain and keen observation. His attacking game is exceptional. It makes DNF DUEL very interesting and mind-blowing. His attacks are powerful and destructive. The convenience store can be a good rival to Kunoichi in DNF Duel.

Troubleshooter in DNF Duel


Troubleshooter is the kind of warrior who has made his mark on the battlefield by winning many deadly fights. It is known as the End of Destruction due to its highly eruptive and volatile cannons and bombs, which turn the ground into smoke and mare dust.

To overcome his thirst, his drinking is high but a subtle curve around his lips never straightens. To see how it ranks, check out our ranking system in the DNF Duel guide.

Troubleshooter Character Details


The game character has gone through many deadly attacks and always stood firm on his feet at the end. One of his most important combat traits is using traps and swinging. The character would wield his two most important weapons, a square sword and a shotgun.

Additionally, he is dubbed the “cheerful menace of the battlefield” due to his use of deadly attacks through bombardments. Several trailers have been released of the game to keep players excited and looking.

Recently, a new character appeared on May 22, featuring CRUSADER, BERSERKER, KUNOICHI, HITMAN, GRAPPLER, RANGER, and VANGUARD.


One of Troubleshooter’s combo attacks

The most important part of the game is the combos that players can use. It is beneficial and vital for players to know the combos of each specific character to get them into shape and do counterattacks.

In this guide, the player will be able to create his types of combos for the characters. However, you will still need to master some of the combos to stay relevant and move forward.

  • Light > Medium > Skill > Magic (all characters)

The best type of combo for all newbies trying to get a foothold in the game. This combo can be applied to any character, starting with medium then onto skill attack instead of back to attack light.

This is the first basic formula to use in attack. In some cases this may not be put into action but most of the time it is vital to attack in this particular way.

  • Medium > Low + Skill > Low + Forward + Magic > Magic (Troubleshooting)

The Troubleshooter is the most reliable and best character if you just started playing. He is the best attacker with all his guns and swords, his hit is pretty deadly and if in case his grenades take a long time to charge, it will create confusions in which the enemy might think that all your combo abilities are finished .

This combo attack starts with a wrecker’s shotgun attack (MED), after which comes the sword swing in which your opponent goes up in the air (DOWN + SKILL).

After this attack, another attack appears in the form of a quarter circle that attacks magically and unleashes two shotgun attacks that are much bigger and deadlier than the previous ones that fool your enemy (DOWN + RIGHT + MAGIC). If you use the magic combo one more time, it will unleash a third shotgun blast which is the most dangerous of them all.


This combo is easy to apply and even to keep in mind. Starting with an attack that would knock the enemy down (JUMP+MAGIC), then moving to the sweep attack (DOWN+MEDIUM), and finally hitting with a double hit that knocks the opponent back to the ground, (MAGIC ).

This combo can be used with the troubleshooter’s awaken ability. The magic used in this combo attacks the enemy in such a way that it throws the enemy to a place where they can be easily attacked. The sweep attack is only there to break the attack limit and prepare the opponent for a second attack.

Troubleshooter Awakening Abilities

dnf dueling wrecker abilities
Troubleshooter Capabilities

Here are some of Troubleshooter’s best awakening abilities that he can use DNF DUEL.

Outstanding Tactics

  • SLASH IGNITION—-M up to 3x
  • PERFECT HIT—⬇ or ↪+M
  • GO ON FIRE— ➡or ⤴+M+M
  • OPPRESSION —⬅ or ↩ +M

Normal Troubleshooter Movements

Here are some of his normal moves.

troubleshooter dueling dnf
Normal Troubleshooter Movements

Move #1

  • 5A
    In this move, the troubleshooter flexes his sword so perfectly in front of him, which becomes a great advantage for his speed, frame, and range.
    Guardian damage start On block Invulnerability Recovery Asset
    All 60 9 -3 None

Move #2

This is yet another important move performed by Troubleshooter in DNF DUEL, in which he hits his weapon on the ground but to use this move, 5A must be used first.

start Invulnerability Asset damage Guardian On block Recovery
None 65 All -seven

Move #3

The use of a shotgun is done in this shot by the troubleshooter, as a form of service but it is a rather disastrous shot. Plus, it can be an anti-aircraft for any players trying to sneak up on the field.

damage Guardian Asset On block Recovery start Invulnerability
80 All -seven 12 None

Move #4

The troubleshooter attacks the ground next to him. This move can be used to attack or detonate the grenade used by 214M earlier.

Invulnerability start Recovery On block Guardian Asset damage
None 8 -6 All 50

Move #5

In this move, the troubleshooter can hit the cross by moving his weapon widely like a bow in DNF Duel.

Guardian damage Recovery On block Asset start Invulnerability
High 70 12 None

Universal mechanics

troubleshooter dueling dnf
Repair mechanics

To throw

These are the movements used all over the world. In this particular move, Troubleshooter reaches his enemy’s feet and launches a mine under them in DNF DUEL. What makes this move dangerous and deadly is 214M. Also, if you throw the opponent when they are about to get up, the net thrown when they wake up will end their white health.

How to activate


damage Guardian start Recovery Invulnerability On block Asset
150 To throw 5 22 None 2

Hold Cancel

In this, the troubleshooter uses his 2S animation, to cancel the guard. In addition, to prevent himself from being pressured by other characters, he would need a generous hitbox.

How to activate

Use the combination 🅱️+ S.

Recovery Guardian Invulnerability start damage On block Asset
All None 23 70

Awakening movements

It has the following awakening moves.


The awakening movement is the most important in DNF DUEL. In this, the troubleshooter attacks a mine which then launches another attack on a mine under the enemy. Additionally, horizontal range is sacrificed by vertical range, making it harder to attack the screen in the middle than hitting a corner.

How to activate

Use the combination A+S.

Invulnerability On block damage Asset start Guardian Recovery
None -32 400 2+16 All

Mana Skills

dnf duel trouble shooter attacks
Troubleshooter Mana Skills

Here is his Mana skill.

Ignite Slash

Three Ignition Slashes are used in the DNF Duel to make Troubleshooter hit more attacks.


This is the first strike performed by Troubleshooter in the game that causes a knockdown, releasing all extensions with |AS jM


This kills the force the enemy is looking for and kills the chances of a third strike.


Another hit hits which allows for a new hit and there seems to be a gap between the 2nd and 3rd hit which is used for punishment.

Last name Guardian Invulnerability Cost in MP On block Recovery damage Asset start
Ignite Slash 1 All None 20 -2 60 28
Ignite Slash 2 All None 20 -4 60
Ignite Slash 3 All None 20 +1 80


DNF Duel is one of its kind when it comes to fighting games. All of his characters are powerful. Additionally, a troubleshooter has the kind of energy that could be used to easily destroy the enemy in seconds. People have been hooked since the trailer was released and clearly can’t wait to get their hands on it.

This type of slot is also not everyone’s favorite, but if you have a thing for armed weapons and you like destroying your enemy and you feel that feeling of victory all the time, then this is it. definitely a game for you.

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