DoorDash: Announcing Gas Rewards Program for Dashers to Offset Rising Costs at the Pump

Over the past few weeks, pump prices have been rising around the world, and for Dashers who deliver by car, this economic reality presents unique and unprecedented challenges. We know DoorDash needs to take action to continue to make every dash worthwhile, so we’ve taken the time to listen and consider feedback from the Dasher community board on how best to support Dashers during this crisis and help reduce rising costs.

Today, we’re announcing a Gas Rewards program based on that feedback and aimed at offsetting high gas prices, while helping Dashers maintain their earning potential. Dashers who qualify for both rewards could receive between $1.65 and $2.00 per gallon.

  1. All US Dashers are eligible for 10% Gas Cash Back. By Dasher Live, a prepaid business Visa debit card designed for Dashers, Dashers will soon be able to earn 10% cash back on gas purchases – at any US station – every time they use their card, even when ‘they don’t rush. DasherDirect is open to all US Dashers, with no credit check required to apply, and Dashers can start using a virtual card on digital payment screens as soon as they are approved.*
  2. Weekly fuel bonus for those who shoot the most. Each week, Dashers who accept and complete orders totaling 100 miles in a motor vehicle will earn an additional $5 – and that extra revenue will grow as they deliver. For 175 miles, for example, Dashers will earn an additional $10, and for 225 miles they will earn an additional $15. These additional rewards can add additional revenue between $1.27 and $1.69 per gallon for those who qualify**, in addition to normal DoorDash salary, promotions and tips.

We believe that, combined, these two relief efforts should help offset the effects of rising prices at the pump. These relief programs will be in place until at least April, and we will continue to monitor gas prices, listen to the Dasher community, and solicit feedback as we evolve these programs and explore additional resources in the weeks and months to come.

Based on weekly orders totaling 175 miles in a motor vehicle. Gas prices vary by location, estimate based on national AAA average as of March 15, 2022 (The source)

“These new programs are going to be a great support for me right now,” said Vanessa H., a Dasher from Los Angeles, California. “The ability to save at any gas station, wherever you are, is huge. And it won’t just help Dashers when they’re rushing – I commute five times a week as a grad student and getting some money back at the pump is going to be a huge relief and really help me make ends meet.”

Our mission is to strengthen local economies and that starts with best serving our Dasher community, merchants and customers. Throughout the pandemic and especially with recent inflation, millions of people around the world have sought opportunities to earn extra income flexibly with DoorDash, including 3 million Americans in Q4 2021 and more than 6 million in 2021. We want to make sure these income opportunities remain accessible and viable for everyone, and we believe these relief measures will help keep as much money as possible in Dashers’ pockets.

*10% cash back will begin March 17, 2022, when Dashers can earn 10% cash back on gas purchases at any US station.

** Savings per gallon are calculated based on a Dasher driving orders in a motor vehicle with mileage totaling between 100 and 225 miles in a week, depending on what is displayed in the Dasher app when orders are orders are shown, and assuming the average 2020 U.S. vehicle fuel efficiency of 25.4 miles per gallon (The source). Actual savings per gallon may vary based on miles driven, each car’s fuel consumption and driving habits.

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