Securities Finance Industry News | HQLAx and Wematch Announce Collaboration to Improve Collateral Mobility

HQLAX and Wematch have entered into a collaboration agreement to improve collateral mobility in securities finance trading.

This will allow traders using Wematch’s trade execution platform who are also HQLA clientsX to enter indications of securities lending interest (IoI) on the Wematch platform, with the settlement of the securities lending transaction confirmed on HQLAX.

This collaboration is currently in the design phase and is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2023.

Wematch co-founder and head of the EMEA region, David Raccat, says: “Unlocking guarantees
mobility is the direction of movement of the securities finance industry and the contribution of
HQLAX via the delivery versus delivery (DvD) model will accelerate this trend.

“The partnership with HQLAX aligns with our strong focus on operational risk and frictionless workflows and we are confident that our joint customers will benefit from this improvement

Guido Stroemer, co-founder and CEO of HQLAXstates, “We are proud to work with partners such as Wematch to leverage the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to accelerate collateral mobility in the global securities finance ecosystem.

This will benefit companies currently using the Wematch execution platform and also HQLA customers.Xwhich currently applies to 90 legal persons and about 900 traders.

HQLAXThe title transfer platform allows users to transfer ownership of titles between multiple collateral pools at specified times using a DLT-based platform.

Wematch’s portfolio of solutions applies technological advancements to the traditionally voice-traded securities and derivatives financing markets, optimizing IoI matching for total return swaps, securities lending and repurchase transactions, as well as equity and interest rate derivatives.

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