The Best Early-Season Mythic Decks – March 2022 Season

2022 is moving fast and March is already here! For us, the start of a new month also means the end of one ranked season and the start of the next on MTG Arena, and as always, the race to Mythic is on. We’ve collected decklists and their associated rankings that players have shared to document their successes in the new season, and it’s time again for our weekly review.

While everyone is getting a fresh start on their journey to Mythic, the first week of a new season is always a great time to check the temperature of the current Arena meta in different formats as players climb through the ranks. rungs. We have quite a few decks to review from Standard and Historic this week, and we’re also keeping an eye on the Alchemy format.

As usual, we’ll start by highlighting the decks in each format that achieved the highest rankings. You’ll also find even more Mythic decks from Standard and Historic for you to browse at the end of each section. Let’s dive in and see what March has in store for us so far!

The Best Standard Mythic Decks of the Week

Jeskai Dragons by Noriyuki Mori – #10 Mythic

Our first spotlight this week comes from Magic Pro League member Noriyuki Mori. Mori’s deck, which he used to reach Mythic Rank #10, will look quite familiar to anyone who’s been following Standard since Kaldheim’s release. Izzet Dragons, who dominated the Standard competitive scene before Alrund’s Epiphany was banned, still have access to Goldspan Dragon, Unexpected Windfall, and all the other tools that made the deck a force to be reckoned with.

Mori’s deck, which includes a white splash to allow for some protection like Valorous Stance, is also similar to the Jeskai Combo decks we’ve seen in Standard based on broken interactions with Goldspan. His deck, however, doesn’t care about the Show of Confidence combo which is the staple of the Jeskai Combo. Instead, Mori sticks to the tried and true tempo game plan of the original Izzet Dragons archetype. While there’s no longer an Alrund Epiphany in Standard, two copies of the Alchemist’s Gambit can work the same way to help deal enough damage to end the game.

Naya Runes by Hello Good Game – #13 Mythic

Our next deck comes from YouTuber and content creator Hello Good Game, and it’s an example of a deck that’s taken Standard and Alchemy by storm since the release of Neon Dynasty: Naya Runes. For a detailed breakdown of this archetype, you can find an excellent guide to the game written by MTGA Zone writer Bohe below:

The combination of Champion of Runes, which causes its controller to pay {1} instead of the normal rune casting cost, and Jukai Naturalist, which reduces the cost of enchantments its controller casts by {1}, means that runic spells can be cast. for free when both creatures are on the field at the same time. Combine that with the resilience of Kami of Transience and the crushing power of the Showdown of the Skalds enchantment, and you have a hard-hitting aggressive deck that can still crush, and it was strong enough to bring HGG to rank #13.

Rakdos Sacrifice by OzymandiasMTG – #24 Mythical

Our third and final Standard spotlight for this week is another archetype that’s been supercharged by Neon Dynasty: Rakdos Sacrifice. Oni-Cult Anvil has proven to be a very real card in multiple formats – more on that in our history feature. The rest of the game, which was published by French MTGA grinder OzymandiasMTG, is filled with low-curve threats that can spawn artifacts, such as Shambling Ghast and Bloodtithe Harvester, and other cards that mess with the anvil like the experimental synthesizer.

Although Ozymandias admits that Runes makes for a tough match (as it does for many decks in the current format), they were able to lead the deck to an impressive #24 Mythic early in the season.

sacrifice of rakdos

53.8% overall pass rate

0.43% metagame share

Powered by

worse against

vs. orzhov control

40.0% success rate

5 matches watched

vs. mid-range orzhov

33.3% success rate

6 matches watched

vs. naya runes

28.6% success rate

7 matches watched

That’s it for our Standard showcase this week, but there are more decks you can watch from the start of the season below. Next, we’ll see what players have been up to in Historic so far this month.

The Best Historical Mythic Decks of the Week

Rakdos Anvil by Altheriax – #1 Mythic

Sound familiar? Our first historic spotlight of the week is another Rakdos Anvil deck, though this one was designed for MTGA’s everlasting format. There’s something else special about this deck, besides, of course, the fact that it was brought to #1 Mythic.

The deck’s designer and pilot, Altheriax, has been in the spotlight several times in the past, as he often plays in the higher ranks of Mythic. Now Altheriax has joined the ranks of our awesome writing team here at MTG Arena Zone. In fact, his first article on our site is a guide to this very game! We strongly encourage anyone interested in the archetype and how it translates into history to check out his excellent work:

Bo1 Historic Jeskai Creativity by Flavio Ausilio – #23 Mythical

In June of last year, during the Strixhaven Championship, the historic format was ruled by decks that used Indomitable Creativity to trick Velomachus Lorehold into play – something that was particularly brutal because at the time Time Warp was legal in format, and so an attacking Velomachus could often end the game.

In response, Time Warp was banned in Historic soon after, and decks based on Velomachus Lorehold soon disappeared. However, Indomitable Creativity is still around, and players have been looking for another card combination that’s powerful enough to justify the all-in combo shell ever since. Some players have used creativity to trick Serra’s Emissary, a creature that tears itself apart in many encounters but is not a guaranteed victory.

jeskai creativity

43.1% overall pass rate

2.64% metagame share

Powered by

better against

vs. izzet phoenix

83.3% success rate

6 matches watched

worse against

vs. auras azorius (lurrus)

40.0% success rate

5 matches watched

vs. arcanist rakdos

20.0% success rate

5 matches watched

vs. golgari food

10.0% success rate

ten matches watched

Rather than using Emissary, however, our second landmark spotlight of the week is looking to deploy a combo that will end the game in place. Coming to us from arena crusher Flavio Ausilio, this deck seeks to use indomitable creativity to fool two creatures at once: Sage of the Falls and The Locust God. With both creatures on the field, the interaction between the two cards allows their controller to create as many 1/1 Haste Bug tokens as needed to end the game – and since Sage of the Falls is a “can” ability, the loop can be terminated at any time.

People have been playing with the Sage of the Falls combo since almost immediately after Time Warp was banned, but Flavio’s new take on the deck may have earned it Mythic Rank #23, proving the deck can at least be competitive. in the highest levels of legendary game on Arena.

We have a handful of other historic decks in our collection this week, which you can check out below. Finally, we’ll take a look at some of Alchemy’s best week one decks.

Alchemy Mythic Decks of the Week

Orzhov Control by Sasha Coulter – #5 Mythic

In Alchemy format, our first featured deck also comes from a familiar face to those who have followed this series: Sasha Coulter. Sasha is a regular high-mythic streamer and grinder who recently boosted this particular deck to #5 while playing Alchemy. Orzhov Control has been quite popular in Standard and Alchemy to a lesser extent, and while Neon Dynasty hasn’t brought too many new toys to the archetype, Sasha has found it useful to dedicate a few slots to Magic’s newest expansion.

Spirited Companion and Dockside Chef both join the roster as individuals, and Sasha decided to make room for two copies of Ao, the Dawn Sky – one of the new legendary dragons that can either pump the team, or return a pile of sacrificial fodder to the field when it dies. The rest of the deck resembles other Orzhov Sacrifice/Control decks, with the usual Deadly Dispute package, a suite of one-drops, and a range of planeswalkers that work well with the game plan. Notably, the Alchemy version of the game also has the benefit of performing Sanguine Brushstroke.

Sasha had this to say about the deck:

Bo1 Naya Runes by Hagera – #17 Mythical

Our last deck this week is… Naya Runes, except in Alchemy this time! This version of the archetype built by Alchemy was submitted to us by Twitch partner eliott_dragon, also known by his arena name Hagera. Oddly enough, the only Alchemy-specific card to be found in the entire roster is four copies of the Forsaken Crossroads land, which helps smooth out the three-color manabase.

The rest of the game pretty much resembles the Standard version of the previous version, except for a few specific map choices that are also legal in Standard. The fact that eliott_dragon was able to do so well with this difficult Alchemy-format Standard deck, notable for its powerful digital-only cards, is a testament to the power of the archetype, especially in Standard. There’s no doubt that Naya Runes is definitely a deck to watch in both formats.

This column is our weekly roundup of the Standard, Historical, and Alchemy decks players use to climb the ranked ladder on MTG Arena! Our goal is to curate and release a variety of interesting deck archetypes and card picks at the end of each week to help keep you up to date with the latest metagame trends. If you have any decks you would like to showcase, please tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout on our Discord.

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