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What can I get from Vodafone mobile broadband?

Vodafone covers the whole gamut of mobile broadband – you won’t be short of choices here.

Vodafone mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi devices allow you to take the Internet with you wherever you go, via a small pocket gadget. It connects to 3G / 4G and emits Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect a handful of devices to the network. It’s like carrying your own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Vodafone gives you the choice of 3G or 4G devices – 3G costs less per month, but 4G will give you better and faster internet.

In all cases, the data allowances range from 2 GB to 50 GB per month. You can either buy your device with a 24-month contract, just like a mobile phone, or buy it directly with a 30-day SIM card or pay as you go. With PAYG, you can purchase data packs that last up to 90 days – that’s longer than PAYG data on most other networks.

The paid monthly plans also include Vodafone Global Roaming, which allows you to use your data allowance abroad in 40 destinations at no additional cost.

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Vodafone dongles

Vodafone dongles are perfect when you only need one computer online. Insert one into the USB port and it will directly connect your PC to mobile broadband.

Like mobile Wi-Fi, dongles are available in 3G or 4G form.

Data allowances are available from 2 GB to 50 GB per month, on 24 month contracts, 30 day plans or PAYG. This includes global roaming if you choose a monthly plan.

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SIM for iPad and Vodafone tablet

Got an iPad or some other type of tablet that needs the internet? Whether you want a rolling month-long gig, a cheaper 12-month contract, or just pay-as-you-go, there are plenty of data-only SIM plans available. Vodafone has a great range of offers on tablet SIM cards that you can simply swipe into your device to connect. It’s perfect for using your tablet on the train, in a cafe, or at your grandma’s house.

Again, monthly data allowances range from 2GB to 50GB, and 12-month and 30-day plans are available. Unlike most providers, Vodafone charges the same for all monthly paid SIM cards with the same allowance regardless of whether they are on long term or short term contract.

How fast is Vodafone mobile broadband?

In terms of speed, Vodafone’s mobile broadband isn’t bad. Open signal and Ofcom both put its 4G to an average download speed of 18MB – which isn’t the fastest on the market, but still good enough considering standard home ADSL broadband which reaches speeds of 17MB.

If you choose a 3G plan, you can expect speeds of around 5MB.

Vodafone mobile broadband coverage

Although Vodafone does not have the widest mobile coverage in the country, it is not that far behind. 4G coverage is certainly decent – around 88% of the population can connect, depending on the network – and 3G is even more prevalent than that, covering just about all of us. Check out Vodafone coverage here.


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